Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day ( a little early!!)

First we want to thank all of our friends that took the time to call, email, face book, or text to check on us after the tornado that blew through Branson recently. We really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that were sent our way. We were very Blessed in that we all are safe!!

What have we been doing since Market in Nashville???

Stitching - Stitching - and more Stitching!!! and Knitting -Knitting - and Crocheting!!!

Holly and I have been doing the stitching, Pam has been knitting and Jessie has been updating the website with all the new goodies that we have coming into the shop. Beside the new items that we got in Nashville - Pam and I were left in the shop (unattended!! which is nerer good -haha) when our yarn reps came to visit.......sooo.......we have LOTS of new yarns coming in, too!!

Nashville was really GREAT!! So many designers and shop owners were there. Lots of new designs, ideas, threads, scissors, bags........even yarns! We really had a fantastic weekend !!

I am going to post a few pictures for you to check out. We have 2 free patterns - a little bird called "tweet" and a Shepherd's Bush freebie - we have the button packs for both if you'd like to stitch them. We have LHN ornament #2 for 2012 - Tree Farm - quick to stitch- I love the colors and how it is finished.

LHN also has a Nashville exclusive with Shakespeare's Peddler - I' ve got the LHN part of it stitched and am working on the SP part. For those of us that went to Nashville, there is also a bonus chart from LHN in the kit - a wonderful deal 3 charts and threads are included in the kit.

Cherrywood Designs (who will be here in Branson for our Summer Retreat Weekend - -can't wait - they are really fun gals !!) has a really cute snowman kit called "Have a Ball" that Holly stitched. it stitches up really really cute!!

And my final picture is an Old Colonial designs Lavender Sachet Pillow. Everything that you need is in the kit , including lots of lavender (I had enough left over to make a smaller sachet), and the most simple finishing instructions - it's all in the folding - just whip stitch and you're done. And is smells so nice.........

A couple of for our Saint Patrick's Day sale - instead of "the wearin' of the green" we would like to offer "the saving of the green $$$$$$$"!! Watch for emails or check with us on facebook.

We are working with Pat Carson to help "her girls" in the Phillipines - check out our link to her website for more info. The samplers are really beautiful!!!! and it is a great help to the girls that Pat helps.

Sisters Caring for Sisters
A humanitarian project by Pat Carson
to teach Cross stitch to women in the
Philippines in order for them to earn
money to send their children to school.
Pat (Designs by Gloria & Pat, Inc.) has designed 17 samplers for the women to stitch. She visits the Philippines once a year and collects the samplers stitched by the women (and some men). In December of 2011, Pat brought back over 400 samplers. In order for her to continue her work there, she needs your help in purchasing these samplers. They are inspirational and beautifully stitched….the back is as nice as the front. The samplers are washed, pressed and ready to mount and frame. The samplers make wonderful gifts. Visit this link (may need to copy and paste) to see all the samplers and to contact Pat.

Got to get going........hope you are all well and safe. Enjoy your stitching time. Hope to see you soon in the shop.

Take Care,

Margaret, Jessie, Amy, Pam, Holly, Cindy and Ann

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