Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Off to Market!!!

February 20, 2013
We are just a day and a half away from our first Winter Retreat!! And Branson is under a Winter weather watch - we are expecting ice!!! It will all work out great - we always enjoy hosting our retreats and the new hotel we're using this year has an indoor pool and hot tub!! It may be icy outside, but we will be nice and warm inside!!

Jessie and I are getting ready for the Nashville Market - we will be leaving on Friday March 1st and be back March 3rd - we should have all the new goodies set up in the shop by Tuesday. We are leaving Pam, Amy, Cecilia and Krista to run the shop while we are gone. They will be eager to help you with your needlework needs. If there is anything that you would like us to bring back from Nashville - just let us know -we will be happy to bring back all the goodies on your list for you.

Got some pictures to share with you - Jessie has been stitching Lizzie Kate's Jingles, she is using 36 count precious metals (it twinkles). I have been stitching the mystery sampler by Blue Ribbon Designs - got part 1 done. The colors are so pretty - really makes you think of spring!! Pam (Moonlit Needlearts) has been making thread keeps - all different designs. She can custom make just about anything that your heart desires.

And about a month ago.......Jessie left Pam and I alone in the shop with 3 (yes 3) of our yarn representatives visiting us over the course of a week. Well..........Pam and I get very excited about yarns and we "may" have ordered way too much yarn - but it is so beautiful!!! We have a new wide ribbon yarn that makes real fluffy and ruffle scarves. We have stretchy yarn, a cotton yarn that looks like mohair(for those of you that are allergic to wool), a flower yarn that makes its own flowers as you knit or crochet, a very delicate yarn with sparkles in pretty spring colors made from cotton and acrylic. New wool blends - wool and silk, wool and alpaca, and new twirly scarf yarns!! So come by the shop and see the huge selection of yarns (and buy some before Pam and I get in too much trouble) Pam even has knitting classes here, if you need lessons!

I'm going to add some pictures and get going. Hope you are all having a good February and I think we are all just about ready for Spring to get here!! Enjoy your needlework!!
Take care,
Margaret, Jessie, Amy, Pam, Cecilia, Krista and Ann