Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Blessed Easter to you all!!!

Easter Season is upon us and I hope you all are having a great Spring and Easter Season!

We have been getting ready for our Spring Stitching Retreats coming up the next 2 weekends!! Holly has been keeping us all hopping with our assigned tasks. She is the "brains" of our stitching retreats, she is very organized and keep us all on schedule. I have gotten a few things stitched from Nashville the past few weeks........I'll post the pictures on this page.

My Dad will be coming to visit us on the 18th for 2 weeks!! It is always so much fun to get to spend time with my Dad!! Can't wait to see him!! He'll be helping us out with the retreats, too.

Pam's knitting classes are going well...........if you want to learn how to make the popular swirly scarf of just basic knitting sign up for her class. She is an awesome teacher, very patient!!!

Pat Carson's Sisters helping Sisters project is going well here in the shop............She is sending more samplers for us to sell for her girls. The completed samplers are really cute and very reasonably priced ($7.00-$12.00 each). All you have to do is frame of finish into a cube or pillow. And it is for a GREAT Charity!!

We were all saddened to hear that we lost a wonderful designer this past week, Debbie Draper passed away from a heart attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Debbie was here at the shop last Fall for our Fall Stitching Retreat. It was so nice to meet her, and enjoy her company and designs - she was a really neat person.

I need to get going. Hope you and your families have a Blessed Easter!! Enjoy the pictures!!

Take care,

Margaret, Jessie, Amy,Holly, Pam, Cindy , Kacy and Ann