Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we've been stitching!!

We are back from our trip to Boston.............had a great visit with my Dad and the rest of my family. My family has 2 sandwich shops in South Boston, my brother had some sinus surgery and wasn't able to work, so I went to work to help my Dad. it was fun working there again(I had worked there for 20 years before I moved to Branson).

Then...........the FLU hit us!!!! It just knocks the stuffin' out of you. So that's why there haven't been any blog updates lately. We are feeling much we've been stitching some new things that we got at market. i have some pictures to show you . There is the Little House and Impie, Hattie and Bea needlebook and pincushion - fun, quick to stitch and easy to finish. Another Little House - four seasons - each season done in a different color - looks real pretty when they are all stitched together. Just Another Button company has the cutest pincushions!!! they are easy to stitch and assemble, like less that an hour from start to finish!!!! I did the strawberry. they also are relaeasing a new one each month..........Birds, Snowmen, Box of Candy, Carrot,........Holly is a fan of Just Nan and she just completed Minerva's Mouse - adorable mouse and owl set (the mouse can be placed inside the owl as it opens). We also have these really neat sheep - they are scissor holders - you just hook your scissors on the leash and no more searching the couch cushions for your scissors!!! They also have stylish little aprons that can be used to hold your needles. The sheep are weighted and will stay put as they hold your scissors for you. And finally my Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow WIP( that's my grandson Andrew helping his Grandma) - I have been stitching other projects, so I have not done too much on it. That's about all that is new here.
We are getting ready for our Spring weekend ................Holly has so many neat surprises and treats planned for our ladies!! It will be a FUN weekend!!!

Got to go............Spring seems to be just about here!!!!
take care,

Margaret and the gals at Cecilia's

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a sad day ..........

We learned today that one of our favorite designers, Lisa Roswell from The Primitive Needle, has died as her car was washed away in flooding in Ohio. We will surely miss her smiling face and unique designs. Her designs are very popular in our shop. She was a genuinely nice and wonderful person. Our hearts and prayers go out to Lisa and her family.

take care,

Margaret and everyone at Cecilia's