Wednesday, June 24, 2009

shop photos

July 4th Sale and Celebration!!!

Hi !!
We have been working feverishly to get the new addition to the shop filled with all sorts of needlework goodies for you!! (when I say "we", I really mean Holly - she has been working very hard to get the shop ready for your visit!!)
July 3rd, 4th, and 5th we will be having a sale and celebration for the official Grand Opening of the new addition. There will be sales, door prizes, lots of goodies!!! Pop a balloon and win!! Prizes, discounts, free gifts.........hope to see you there!!!
I will include some new photos of the shop for your enjoyment........and I will get back to work. It is about 95 and sunny outside.........way too hot for me!!! So I guess it's good to be working indoors. Hope you are having a good day and have a few moments to stitch!!
Take care,
Margaret, Jessica, Amy,Holly,Pam, Ann, Kacy, Emily

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pat Carson's visit and new shop addition!!


We have had a jam packed week here at Cecilia's..........Pat Carson spent the day with us last Friday.........what a fun day it was!!! Pat is so generous with all of her needlework knowledge - she is always eager to teach us something new!! Pat and Katie (Jessie's new baby) got to spend a few moments together, too.

Now we have some very exciting news.......Pat has brought her collection of needlework books from the past 30 years that she has collected from all over the world. Many are out of print, some are in different languages, but all are wonderful books about different types of needlework. Some are full of charts, some techniques and some history!! We will be offering them, a few at a time, on the website for you to purchase. It will be "first come, first serve" on these books as we only have 1 of each book.

Holly has been working harder than ever this past week setting up our new "vignettes" in the addition. It is finally finished and we have more room to add more products for your shopping enjoyment!! I will include some photos..........we still have more to finish, but we are well on our way to getting the shop back to being organized again. Holly is moving the Fall and Christmas areas and also planning a seating area for "wayward husbands", who will be waiting patiently as you shop!!

Hawk Run Hollow fan alert!!!! Kathy has assured me that we will be getting a picture of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow as soon as she gets it done!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

Got to be going. Hope you are having a good week, take some time to stitch!!

Take care,

Margaret and the gals at Cecilia's

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

new Country Cottage - Winter Wonderland!!

Hi All,

Just a quick update.........Country Cottage has a new 5 piece chart called Winter Wonderland!!! It is SO PRETTY!!! Each of the 5 parts comes with a silk threadpack - really nice pastel wintery colors!! I will put a picture on here for you to see.

We have broken through the wall to access the new shop addition!!! The inspection will be tomorrow and Holly will start filling up the new space!! Can't wait to see what goodies she puts in our new space!!!

Got to go.........have a good evening!!

Take care,

Margaret and the gals at Cecilia's

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 5, 2009

Hello again!!!

We have been having a busy month here at Cecilia's!! Our shop expansion is still underway......they are supposed to be taking the wall down this weekend. And hopefully be done by the end of next week.........then Holly can start playing and arranging her vignettes! We are all so excited to see what wonderful ideas she has twirling around in her head!!

My Dad has been visiting from Boston this past week. He is having a good time watching all the changes happening here at the shop (which is named after his Mom). We also added "Ethel and Andy's Soft Serve Ice Cream"( named after my Mom and Dad) at AJ's One Stop next door to us. We create all sorts of ice cream treats, sundaes, malts and 'noreasters (kind of an ice cream mixed up with your choice of candy). So Dad has been making ice cream cones and having a great visit!!

My Dad also got to meet his 3rd great grandchild - Katie ( Jessie's baby) and got to see her Christened last Saturday. It was a really nice service, Katie wore the same Christening dress that her Mom (Jessie) wore - she looked so cute!!!

We have new items heading into the shop for Christmas!! Lizzie Kate's Merry Christmas by the Letter is a new double flip it with a Christmas theme..........really cute and so colorful -too!! Check out our deal that we have for you if you sign up for the automatic!!

Any Hawk Run Hollow fans out there??? Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow will be in the shop the end of September!! (Holly and I will be going to market in September - YAY!!!) Reserve your charts now!! We are also taking orders for the Exampler linen that it will be stitched on - we are using 32 count (easier on the eyes!!)

Don't forget about Pat Carson visiting us next Friday - June 12th!! Pat will be spending the day with us, teaching FREE mini classes, giving helpful hints and signing autographs. We will have door prizes, and Pat is bringing her private collection of OUT OF PRINT Sampler books and charts that will be for sale - over 30 years of needlework history!!! We would love to see you come by to say Hi to Pat !!! We are truly blessed to have her spending the day with us and sharing her vast knowledge of needlework with us!!!

We are down to less than 2 dozen of the Little House Rose Sampler Thread Pouches (limited edition of only 250) don't wait too long!!!

I am going to add some pictures to this and get it "published". Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! ?Look forward to seeing you soon!!

Take care,

Margaret and the rest of the gang at Cecilia's