Friday, February 17, 2012

Off we go to Nashville!!!

Next week at this time we will be in Nashville for the wholesale Needlework Show!!! Holly, Jessie and I will be going. Pam, Cindy and Amy will be in Branson keeping Cecilia's running. Jessie will be updating our Facebook page with Nashville previews this week, so if you see anything that you would like us to pick up for you, just let us know. And on Monday February 27th we will have our Market Day at Cecilia's! The shop will be full with all kinds of new goodies to enhance your stashes. Drop by and check it out - we'll be looking forward to seeing you!

I've got a couple of quick pictures to show you. I am still working on The Petite Sampling Etui - a limited edition collaboration. It has been in my "rotation" for a while so i am happy to be getting it stitched. The colors are so much prettier that the picture.

For our friend, Carol in Illinois, I am including a picture of Pam's completed Witches Wheel. Pam really enjoyed stitching this piece - the solar fabric really makes it unique!!

And for all of you scissor people......we all know who we are ;-) ..........we received some new scissors into the shop today. They are made by Bohin of France. Beautifully made with a "stained glass" design on the handles. A wonderful addition to anyone's scissor collection or needlework bag!

I've got to get going , hope you all have a wonderful week. Enjoy your stitching time!

Take Care,

Margaret, Jessie,Amy, Pam, Holly, Cindy and Ann

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