Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!

Greetings from Branson! Hope you are all well and enjoying your long weekend - maybe get some stitching time in?

We have a few new goodies to show you..........we don't highlight our yarn department alot, so I thought I would show you some of our new yarns. They are really neat and Pam has done a wonderful job knitting up some models for the shop. We also got our Breast Cancer Awareness Yarns in for the season. There are 4 free charts available for these yarns, also. Pam has also knitted a "snood" - a combination scarf/hat that will be sure to keep you warm this winter!
She also knitted 2 scarves - one from CurlyQ yarn - a stretchy fun multi color yarn - and another lacy/multicolor ribbon type of yarn - 1 skein makes a very generously long scarf. These yarns "do the work" for you with their textures and colors, with beautiful results!!

We have a very limited supply of the Just Nan Rudolph and matching frame. It is so cute and quick to stitch !! Sue Hillis has designed 2 candy corn charts for Halloween, and we have the "candy corn" fabric to stitch them on!!! It is a 28 count lugana fabric and really adds a unique look to the stitched piece!

We also have the JCS Halloween Ornament book AND the JCS Christmas Ornament book in the shop..........yes, we were switching back and forth from Halloween to Christmas as we looked through these two collections of holiday ornaments - what to stitch first??!!??

We have the cutest little "puppy snips" in all kinds of bright colors. They are a nice gift for a dog lover or needleworker. They come with a little chain that you can hook onto your needlework bag, lamp or even frame or hoop.

And one of the most anticipated release from Market this year - Farms of Hawk Run Hollow!!!Marty, with a little help from Kathy (she designed 2 1/2 squares), did a fantastic job on the Farms. I can't wait to get started!!

We have been really busy at the shop. New market items are coming in almost daily!! We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of another wonderful Mystery Sampler. This one is from La-D-Da. Jessie has put the info on the front page of the website. (yes we are taking reservations)I call it a "bottoms-up" sampler becasue we are to start stitching it from the bottom!!! The design was inspired by an antique sampler stitched by Margaret Cottam when she was 9 years old - can't wait to see it!!!

I have rambled on long enough..........sorry about the length of time between updates........sometimes the time just goes by so fast.

I will add some pictures ( I have not mastered the art of correct picture additions - they tend to have a will of their own as to where they show up on the page, so please bear with me - thanks)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.........thanks for visiting!!
Take Care,
Margaret, Jessie, Amy, Holly,Pam,Cindy, Ann

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