Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where have we been???

Sue Hillis design for our weekend!

The ladies enjoying themselves with Sue Hillis.

We raised over $400.00 for the Humane Society during the weekend retreat. Thanks Ladies!!!!

Enjoying the games and winning prizes!!!

Ann stitched this "tombstone"

Raise the Roof design stitched by Pam

Lizzie Kate design stitched by Holly

Sue Hillis Americana design stitched by Ann

Prairie Schooler Santa 2011 stitched by Margaret

Prairie Schooler Santa Kit 2011 stitched by Margaret

Farms of Hawk Run Hollow , almost all the blocks, by Carriage House Samplings - it will be stitched by Margaret!! Can't wait!!

Sorry I haven't posted any updates for such a long is still HOT here.......over 100 every day for over a month. And for someone who thinks that 75 is a heat, wave 100 is just way too hot!!!

We had our Summer Stitching Weekend last weekend. We had Sue Hillis as our special and honored guest. Sue is so much fun!!! She designed the cutest chart for our weekend - she named the lady Margaret (me?!?). She is really a neat lady and we are looking forward to seeing her in Branson again. We had such a fun group of stitchers for the weekend, we met quite a few new friends and enjoyed visiting with our old friends (should I say "old" or "long time" friends?)

I've got a few pictures to post..........we have been stitching - Pam, Ann, Holly and I have had our needles flying.

Any Hawk Run Hollow Fans out there??? Marty (Carriage House Samplings) is introducing the Farms of Hawk Run Hollow. She has been putting up each block on her blog. it really looks like it will be a fun and beautiful piece to stitch. I have been putting the blocks together (kind of like a puzzle) so I took a quick picture of it, still waiting for the final block..............if you want to reserve your copy, let us know. Kathy has designed 2 1/2 blocks and Marty is having a contest on her blog - - guess which blocks Kathy designed - and you could win the free chart and fabric to stitch your own Farms of Hawk Run Hollow !!!

Well, I am going to add the pictures to this blog and get going.........hope you are all enjoying the Summer. The Baltimore wholesale show is next weekend, so be looking for all the new goodies that we'll have in the shop soon.

Take care and hope you all are enjoying your stitching!!

Margaret, Jessie, Holly, Pam, Amy, Ann, Kacy, and Cindy

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the weekend, ladies... it was a nice little getaway for me! And thank you also for not posting a pic of me in my jammies LOL