Saturday, February 26, 2011

on the road with a stow-a-way!!!


just a quick update.........Kenny and i are heading to Boston to visit my Dad, Sister, Brother and their families for a week. Our first stop is usually at Krispy Kreme donuts in St Louis and we found "Stitch" had stowed away in our Suburban!! (he MUST have snuck into the Suburban, because Holly and I "wouldn't have forgot him in the truck".)He enjoyed his trip to Nashville with Holly and me so much - he wanted to go on another road trip. So I will be updating the blog with all of Stitch's adventures on his roadtrip with us!! I hope to get some stitching done on my trip. We'll see how much stitching time I get!!
Got to turn to drive!!
take care,
Margaret, Kenny and our traveling companion Stitch