Sunday, February 27, 2011

on the road again................

Stitch enjoyed the FREE breakfast at the Hampton Inn this morning and was ready to go after brushing his teeth.

Before getting into the truck, Stitch decided to play in the snow, and also had to be reminded "not to eat the yellow snow"!! Mischievous little alien.................

We are in Pennsylvania and heading to Boston, we should arrive there this evening. you know when you leave for a trip, you think " did I forget something"? Well , we didn't think that until we got to the hotel last night and realized we left our "important" suitcase at meds (and at our age it is mostly meds!), no toiletries, nothing!!! So...........after me whining ALOT, we got some toiletries from the hotel clerk and went to Walgreens this morning to get some things to tide us over til Jessie can overnight the bag to us. Other than that our trip is going well and we are looking forward to seeing Dad tonight.

got to go..............take care,

Margaret, Kenny and Stitch (Stitch wants to know "are we there yet?")

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