Friday, January 21, 2011

cold + snow = more stitching time (yay!!)

Juat Nan's Snowball!!
Holly' finish Hobb Nobb EEK , WIPS Lizzie Kate Spring things and Pine mountain Ho,HO,HO

above is another of Holly's finishes - Waxing Moon - More Mini Mittens

Hawk Run Hollow in progress....

Andrew, Tyler and Katey

Hi again!

We are just thawing out from a snowy day yesterday and 3 degree temps last night.......that kind of weather slows down any outside activities for me, so that means more time to stitch! Got some updates on our stitching and some new products in the shop.

We are still waiting for Alice to be born......due any time now!! Tyler and Andrew had their birthdays on Wednesday (both boys born on the same day). Grandma (me) made their birthday cake and we had pizza for our family birthday party. Katey enjoyed the cake, too!

Kacy (one of Holly's daughters) has headed back to college until spring break. She is enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi with a nursing career in her future. She is a huge help at Cecilia's and we always miss her when she leaves for school.

Holly has been keeping up with her 15 project challenge and is stitching every day to stay on schedule. We have some of her wips and finishes to show you. I am working on Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow, I have stitched the other 4 in the series, they are all so much fun to stitch. The colors look so much nicer than the pictures show.

We have gotten the Just Nan snowball in, it is really a unique piece to stitch and finish. And it looks so much prettier than the picture shows.
Jessie is out on maternity leave, so the website is not being updated, we will try to catch up when she gets back. She handles all of the website updates...........just wanted you to know why things are not updated. Pam has been out also, some minor surgery , we hope she is feeling better soon!!!
We also want to welcome Cindy to our shop as a new employee. She is new to cross stitching, but is catching on quickly. She has already stitched 2 shop models and is working on her 3rd model for the shop. We have some exciting new things in the planning stages for Cecilia's. We hope to make this a wonderful and exciting year for you!!
One of the new programs we are starting is helping Pat Carson ( Designs by Gloria and Pat ) with her "Sisters helping Sisters" charity. She works with young girls in the Phillipines, teaching them needlework so that they may support themselves. Pat is such a wonderful and caring person, she gives so freely of herself and her vast knowledge of needlework, we are excited to help her. We would like to ask all of our customers - if you are clearing out your stash, have any extra fabric, floss, scissors, anything needlework related - if you would remember Pat's girls. You can send the items to us, or drop them by the shop, and we will see to it that Pat will get the items for her girls. (we can give you Pat's shipping address, if you would like to ship directly to her) . It is really such a wonderful thing Pat is doing - she is passing on the history and knowledge of needlework, as well as helping these young girls be able to support themselves and their families!
Don't forget that the Nashville Market is only a month away!! Anything you need, just let us know and we will be happy to pick it up for you when we go to Nashville.
Got to get going..........hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying your stitching time!
Take Care,
Margaret, Jessie, Amy,Holly,Kacy, Pam, Cindy and Ann

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Sharlotte said...

That Auutmn at Hawk Run Hollow sure is coming along! I need to start mine!