Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pat Carson's visit and new shop addition!!


We have had a jam packed week here at Cecilia's..........Pat Carson spent the day with us last Friday.........what a fun day it was!!! Pat is so generous with all of her needlework knowledge - she is always eager to teach us something new!! Pat and Katie (Jessie's new baby) got to spend a few moments together, too.

Now we have some very exciting news.......Pat has brought her collection of needlework books from the past 30 years that she has collected from all over the world. Many are out of print, some are in different languages, but all are wonderful books about different types of needlework. Some are full of charts, some techniques and some history!! We will be offering them, a few at a time, on the website for you to purchase. It will be "first come, first serve" on these books as we only have 1 of each book.

Holly has been working harder than ever this past week setting up our new "vignettes" in the addition. It is finally finished and we have more room to add more products for your shopping enjoyment!! I will include some photos..........we still have more to finish, but we are well on our way to getting the shop back to being organized again. Holly is moving the Fall and Christmas areas and also planning a seating area for "wayward husbands", who will be waiting patiently as you shop!!

Hawk Run Hollow fan alert!!!! Kathy has assured me that we will be getting a picture of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow as soon as she gets it done!!! Can't wait to see it!!!

Got to be going. Hope you are having a good week, take some time to stitch!!

Take care,

Margaret and the gals at Cecilia's

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