Saturday, January 21, 2012

Upcoming events!

Good Afternoon!

We hope you are all well and enjoying the mostly mild winter that we are having so far. Less time to shovel snow, more time to stitch!!

I have a couple of things to let you know about...........We will be having trunk shows in the shop this far we have My Big Toe Designs coming in the beginning of April and Rosewood Manor in November!!! Both companies have wonderful deisgns, it will be great to see their models!!!

We still have a few openings for our second Spring Stitching Weekend Retreat (April 19th-22nd) - if you would like to come for a funfilled weekend of stitching, shopping, eating, and meeting new friends just call or email us - we look forward to hearing from you!! Holly does a fantastic job of organizing these weekends - she always makes it fun!!

The Nashville Needlework Market is coming up the end of February..........if you have anything you would like us to bring back for you just let us know. We are making our lists, and would be happy to bring back any goodies that you would like. The designers always have something special each year - they really make the shop owners feel welcomed!! Holly tells me that our Market Day will be Monday February 27th - the day after we get back from the Nashville Market - it will be a BLAST!!!

Be watching for our mid February (hint- around Valentine's Day) "We Love our Customers" SALE!!! Big discounts, surprises and free gifts!!!

Ann has been stitching like crazy in Florida........she finished the Lizzie Kate 6 Fat Men.......I added the buttons for her and I will include a looks so cute!!

The biggest thing around here lately has been the twirly scarves!!! Cindy was happy to model them for this picture. We can barely keep the yarn in stock. I am not a big knitter, but I have made 2, so far. Each scarf takes 1 skein of yarn and about 2-3 hours of knitting. It is really great for a beginning knitter or a super fast knitter like Pam. There are yarns that have so many colors, sparkles, sequins, chennille, lace patterns, solid'll be creating beautiful, fun scarves in no time!!
I think that's all I've got for now..........tomorrow we are having 3 grandkids birthday parties at our home - Alice will have her first birthday, Tyler will be 14 and Andrew will be 13. Grandma (me!!!) has made their birthday cakes and an extra cake for Katelyn (her birthday is in March).

So we'll be partying tomorrow and watching the Patriots -hopefully the Pats will win and move on to the superbowl - YAY!!!

I will add the pictures and wish you all a great week! Keep Stitching - it is just too much fun!!!

take care,

Margaret, Jessie, Amy, Pam, Holly, Cindy and Ann

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