Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!!

All of us here at Cecilia's Samplers want to wish all or our customers and friends a Happy and Healthy New Year !! We wish the best for all of you!!!

The shop has been busy this week with our week long after Christmas Sale going on. Threads, fabrics, chaerts, kits - all going out of the shop as quickly as they arrive!! Are you planning your 2012 stitching projects? I always have a plan, well mostly,but if something new comes out, well, then the plan changes!! (hense the pile of full project bags by my stitching chair). The most important thing is we are having fun!!

We got some new reading glasses in the shop today - they are from Foster Grant and they have led lights on either side of the glasses, so the light and magnification is right where you are looking!!! Neat colors ,too!!

We also have these cute ducks that are tape measurers, too. We sold bunches before Christmas - great stocking stuffers -and they are finally back instock.

I have also finished the La-D-Da Margaret Cottam Mystery was fun to stitch and the colors are just wonderful!! We also have a really cute miniature footstool from Sudbury House that has come into the shop recently. I used a couple of motifs from a Blackbird Design book to make this cute pincushion. It also has a small storage area under the pincushion - great for needles or a small pair of scissors.

I've got to get going.............more ladies are heading into the shop and Pam needs help !!!

We hope you will always make some time for yourself to stitch, we are all so busy in our lives it is hard to find the time, but it is well worth it!! the benefits of doing anykind of hand needlework are great - good for the spirit, mind and body!!!

Take care and Happy 2012!!!

Margaret, Jessie,Amy, Holly, Pam,Cindy, Kacy and Ann

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