Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mystery Sampler.........and LHN and HRH

We hope you all are safe from all the rains and flooding that has been going on all over our country. We had a bit of flooding in the new section of the shop..........fortunately, it was confined to the rug on the floor. A shop vacuum (thanks to Howard! - Holly's husband) and a dehumidifier running for a week ( thanks to Kenny - my husband)has fixed us right up!! Although we had to keep reminding Holly that her seat could also be used as a flotation devise! ;-)

But we are all back to normal now, or as normal as we can be around here..............

Katey, Jessie's 2 year old daughter, was in the hospital for 4 days with pneumonia. She was so brave as she battled a 104.3 temp and nasty cough. Jessie stayed at the hospital with her the whole time. Katey is home now and back to her cheery, fun self!!! Bob (Jessie's husband), took care of Alice -their 4 month old so Jessie didn't have to worry.

Pam and Holly's daughters both graduated from college this month. Last weekend Emily, Pam's daughter graduated . And this weekend Holly's daughter, Tiffani will graduate college. Then Holly's family is off to Disneyworld in a couple of weeks for Tiffani's wedding!!! Kacy, Holly's other daughter is home for the summer from college. You'll see her in the shop and next door at AJ's - she is a great young lady and we enjoy having her here for the summer!!

I have been working on 3 of my projects the past week. The Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler came in and I have been working on the border. The colors of the Weeks dye Works floss are so pretty!!! Can't wait to see part 2!! Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow is moving along well. I am going to be starting square 10 !!! Little House Needleworks has a four season mono color design - each season is a different color. We recieved Summer this past is a pretty blue Belle Soie thread. Each season is done in a different color silk.

Got to get going...........we have had a busy day in the shop and there are more ladies coming in the front door!!

Take care - enjoy your stitching!!

Margaret, Jessie, Pam, Holly, Kacy, Amy, Cindy and Ann

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