Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!!!

Hello to All!!

The month of April flew by so fast!!! We finally have some warmer weather and our flowers are blooming!! We had our Spring Stitching weekend the beginning of was so much fun!!!

We got a beautiful boquet of flowers from Sherry, Sue, Teresa and Judy - they are just so sweet to do that for us!! Our theme was the beach - we had a Pirate "pillage and plunder night " that was really fun - lots of laughs, prizes, and surprises. Holly did a fantastic job in planning this weekend for us - she really works very hard so all of our guests have a great time when they're here with us for the weekend.

I finally got the Jenny Bean tuffett finished.......really did not take a long time, and it looks really neat! Holly and I got these new kits into the shop for a small hornbook. It actually can measure 1", 2", and 3"'s a cute way to be able to measure for starting a project to get your border spacing. As you can see by the pictures, I did mine with Lupine fabric and black silk, and Holly did hers in a teal color fabric. Jessie is making hers in Twilight colors (go team Edward!!). Each person can choose their fabric and thread colors, so no 2 would be alike!
Thought you'd like to see one of my WIPs - It is a 4 part series by Raise the Roof called Libertyville. Comes with chart,threads, and buttons - you add the fabric!! I have part 1 and 2 done, waiting for parts 3 and 4 to get here. In the meantime I am working on the Hawk Run Hollow Series - almost have Christmas done - 3 more blocks to go!!
For fans of The Traveling Stitcher by Little House Needleworks - Impie, Hattie and Bea have released the 3rd edition of the Traveling Stitcher Project pouch and needlebook. It is very similar in color to the 1st Edition (coral red color print). The second edition was green, so we hope that anyone who wanted the red color will be able to get it with the 3rd edition. It should be in the shop this week!!
Got to get going. Hope you all are having a good Spring, now we can stitch outdoors in the warm sunlight!!
Take care,
Margaret, Jessie, Amy, Holly, Pam and Ann

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