Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sneak peeks!!

Hi again!!

Hope you are all having a great Labor Day weekend!! We have been keeping busy in the shop........Holly and I are getting ready for market at the end of this month. We plan on bringing back lots and lots of new goodies for your stash enhancement.........Kathy at Carriage House Samplings has let us have a sneak peek at her new design , Christmas At Hawk Run is just beautiful!! We have the charts reverved and will be bringing them home from market..........we have the floss ordered and fabric in the shop , so we are all ready to stitch!! I have added the pictures to the blog for you to see!!
Please let me or Holly know if there is anything specific that you would like us to bring back for you from market, we would be happy to fulfill your list of goodies!
On a more serious note...........we had a "vandal" in the shop recently, and I have been taking some time to figure out how to handle this situation. One of our stitched models had a chunk of fabric hacked out of it by the "vandal"............what kind of person would do such a thing??? Well, because of the scope of our businesses that we own, we have outside and inside surveillance systems. So we know who the "vandal" is and know the car and licence plate number. We also have a picture that I am seriously considering hanging up in the shop. Or should I file a police report and let the police handle it. I will give the "vandal" until the end of September to contact me about this...........then we will take legal action against the "vandal".
Got to is busy this weekend!! Hope you all have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!!!
Take Care,
Margaret, Jessie, Holly, Pam, Amy, Kacy, Emily,and Ann


Sharlotte said...

We visited the shop yesterday and love it! I'm sure the Christmas edition to the Hawk Run Hallow is going to be fantastic.Thanks for the sneak peaks! As far as the recent vandelism,that is just terrible!I can't imagine such a thing!It takes so much energy to plan a project.Which pattern do you chose to stitch,what fabric to use,and then the time to stitch it.Then you have to decide on what will be the right frame.When someone comes in and does damage like this, not only is the damage done,but the stitcher that stitched it feels robbed of the joy they had while they worked on it! I know you want to have a good reputation as a business but that doesn't mean that you have to be walked on.There are a ton of stitchers that come in to your shop that will more than make up for that one stitcher that you don't need.I know there is the whole handle things in private thing but you didn't bring this disgrace upon them,they did it to themselves.If it were my shop,I'd call the police,AND post a picture of the vandel! That way if they come back into the shop before the police has a chance to track them down,they would know they were caught! We had such a nice time at the shop yesterday and will be back (we live in Springfield) whether it be a physical visit (hopefully) or internet order.We (my husband's a new stitcher) LOVE your shop!We love the stitched models and appreciate all the time spent on us!

Happy stitching and good luck with that varmit!

Sherry said...

Oh the CHRH is just lovely! I can't wait to see all the wonderful new designs coming out. How terrible about the vandal!